Whether your application is a fuel, ballast, draft, or any service tank on a marine vessel, our unique Metritape level sensor provides a reliable solution. This is because resistance-tape is remarkably different from other level sensors; in principle, appearance, and performance.

Metritape Simply Works

With more than 50,000 Metritape sensors installed worldwide, this simple, rugged technology is selected because of its many features and benefits:


Metritape is the solution for a wide range of level gauging applications, including

Fuel usage management

Deflection control in dry docks

Ballast water management & control

Liquids management for service tanks

Metritape Product Selection

The Metritape product line includes LA for water and wastewater, LA-HN for petroleum and fuel and LA-HP for chemicals and petrochemicals. Additional information about each product can be obtained by downloading the individual product data sheets.

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