MetriGuard Tank Monitor

The MetriGuard Tank Monitor is a 32 or 64 channel instrument that interfaces with JOWA USA’s Metritape level & level/temp sensors. The integral Multiplexed Barrier Assembly allows for use with sensors located in hazardous (classified) locations. Level & temperature data is sent to the ship’s control console via a serial data link. Data available includes level, temperature, tank volume, draft, list, and trim (based on system configuration). Alarms are handled by the ship’s console system. The system can be configured for a maximum of 24 tanks.


  • Directly connects with Metritape level/temperature sensors
  • Modbus RTU, RS-485 (2-wire or 4-wire) or RS-232 outputs
  • Optically Isolated to 1500 Volts Peak
  • Sends level & temperature data to ship’s console
  • FM Approved for sensors located in hazardous areas


  • Simple connection between Metritape sensors and ship’s console
  • Low power draw - a maximum of 10 watts
  • Reliable and cost effective - Microprocessor based control system


  • Fuel, Ballast, Service and draft tanks
  • Larger tank counts when connecting to Metrimeters for local display or to the ship’s console

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