Tank Gauging System

Sentry is a computer based central conditioning unit for a shipboard tank monitoring system. It takes inputs from multiple sensors and sensor types while providing users with several options for data presentation. This highly capable and flexible system can receive analog and digital inputs and delivers level, temperature and pressure data in multiple visual and signal formats. Sentry can also provide calculated values to the operators for better visualization and is able to monitor data from all types of tanks on board vessels.


  • Options for integral or remote monitors
  • Output tank data to ship’s console in digital format
  • Integral temperature detector options allow level and temperature readings from one tank penetration
  • Calculated values for volume and rate of change


  • Strong computational capabilities
  • Integrates all tank measures into one system for easy access and use
  • Multiple display and output options to tie into ship systems
  • Highly flexible for input type and counts


  • Barges / Coastal vessels with on-deck valves
  • Dry Dock / Caissons ballast tanks
  • Fuel Oil Tanks on ships
  • High tank count ships

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