Level Gauge

The Aquatape Level Gauge is a packaged system for monitoring levels in water and water-based non-corrosive materials. Applications include rivers, reservoirs, wells, waste water, potable water, sea water and municipal sludge. The Aquatape system consists of the unique resistance-tape sensor, a compact filter assembly, a sensor housing and a 4-20mA current transmitter. It is available in overall lengths of 3 to 50 feet (1 to 15 meters). The filter assembly protects the sensor from moisture and contaminants and provides pressure equalization.
Jowa Aquatape Water Level Guaging System


  • Complete level gauging package for all water and wastewater applications
  • Transmitter is completely field adjustable
  • Intrinsically Safe - FM approved
  • Combined level and temperature capability
  • Stillpipe not required in non-agitated applications


  • All electric resistance-tape sensor for stable output; no moving parts to stick or break
  • Tank top mounted for easy installation
  • Virtually maintenance-free; just a five-minute filter change every 24 to 48 months


  • Rivers
  • Reservoirs
  • Wells
  • Waste water
  • Potable water
  • Sea water
  • Municipal sludge

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